Recycling in Ireland

Recycling in Ireland has changed dramatically in a short period of time. Only a couple of years ago, most rubbish was going to landfill. With the rising price of landfill levies and improvement in recycling plants in Ireland, there is now a reduction going to landfill. However, there is now an increase in waste being sent for incineration.

Most large waste collectors now have modern recycling plants that sort the waste. Even the black bins are processed through these plants.

What happens to the waste in our bins?
Black Bin – Depending on your waste collector, the waste is brought to a recycling facility and put through the recycling plant to be sorted. It is separated into the different materials and then sent to different locations for reprocessing or incineration.
Plastic & Cardboard – contaminated plastic and cardboard is shredded and sent for incineration where it takes the place of fossil fuels.
Food waste

Recycling Bin – Again depending on your waste collector, the contents of the recycling bin are also sent to Mixed Recycling Facility plant where it is also sorted into the different types of material. It is then baled and sold as a commodity. It is then sent for reprocessing into the same product again or into a different product.
Plastic that is not currently reprocessed is shredded and sent for incineration.

Recycling centres – These centres are operated by waste collectors on behalf of local authorities. They are where you bring your own recycling. They are more affordable and ensure less contamination of recycling product. They are usually cheaper as the end product is segregated so they don’t need to be sent to a recycling plant. The material is then baled and sold as a commodity.

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