Toothfaerie Mineral toothpaste – Peppermint & Spearmint 55ml


Dragon’s blood is the most powerful antioxidant in the world – it reverses aging of the cells, helps rebuild collagen by supporting the skin to produce more collagen. It heals wounds, is used to treat cancer, ulcers, gum disease and tumors.

It also stops bleeding and acts as a second skin.
Customers notice an immediate improvement in the gum health within the first couple of times of brushing.
Dragon’s blood is extracted without cutting down trees, in a protected wildlife zone within Ecuador. The harvesters plant trees and work with the community.
For every jar purchased Toothfaerie plants a native tree here in Ireland, working with land owners, companies who wish to contribute back to nature and the land.
We owe it to Mother Nature for bestowing us with such healing ingredients.
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Diatomaceous earth*, xylitol from sustainable birch tree sap^, distilled water purified with charcoal^, calcium carbonate^ from limestone, extra virgin olive oil*, water extracted bicarbonate of soda^ (aluminium free), liquid magnesium chloride^ from Zechstein seabed, Sangre de Drago* ‘dragon’s blood’ sustainably harvested from Ecuador, mentha peperita* (steam distilled essential peppermint oil in copper), mentha Spicata* (steam distilled essential spearmint oil)


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