Toothfaerie Mineral toothpaste – Activated charcoal 55ml


Toothfaerie toothpaste is 100% food grade, edible and a zero-waste alternative to paste generally packaged in non-recycleable tubes.
No microplastics are found in its product or packaging.

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Our Toothfaerie paste has been applied to wounds, psoriasis, eczema, acne and cuts. Successfully clearing them in days. Why is this happening then?…
The paste is made up of potent, pure medicines straight from nature and medicinal food supplements carefully sourcee from pristine, natural and healthful areas across the globe.
With the strength and effectiveness of these ingredients it is automatically ready and able to heal gums in a rapid timeframe. Designed for healing by mother nature herself.
Toothfaerie helps teeth to remineralize themselves and has shown to balance parts of the body it comes into contact with.
Aiding whole body health and wellbeing.


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