Tio Toothbrush With Travel Case


Save the world twice a day and reduce your carbon footprint … With the daily grip to the TIO toothbrush, you consciously opt for a resource-saving variant of the manual toothbrush. The TIOcare toothbrush is made from plants that are processed into bioplastics. The material of the brush head is biodegradable (according to EN 13432), which avoids the formation of microplastics. TIO stands next to the saving of fossil raw materials for the renunciation of additives such as artificial plasticizers. That pleases your body and the environment.

The included hygienic travel case saves completely a separate packaging. You can easily clean the hygienic cap and use it again and again as a travel case.

Thanks to the replaceable brush heads you actively contribute to the reduction of waste. The innovative plug-in head system brings a material saving of 70%. The reusable handle contains added minerals and thus has a high-quality surface feel that invites you to touch.



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  • Material: Bioplastics based on renewable resources (plants)
  • Colours: Glacier and Lagoon
  • Stiffness: Medium
  • Scientifically tested brush head

Lagoon, Glacier, Pebble soft, Coral soft


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