The Dental Diet book by Dr Steven Lin


Dental health is almost a forgotten topic when we think about our overall health, but what if the health of our teeth and gums could alert us to problems like diabetes and Alzheimer’s? Dr. Lin makes a powerful case for not only paying more attention to our dental health, but he makes the case that what is healthy for the mouth, is healthy for our whole being. (Robb Wolf, New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author of ‘The Paleo Solution’ and ‘Wired to Eat’)

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The future of medicine is interconnected in every way. The oral-systemic link is an obvious example of this greater
trend, and I am thrilled to see dentists like Dr. Steven Lin leading the way in showing why we must work together
to change the trajectory of healthcare worldwide.

(James Maskell, founder of Evolution of Medicine and author of ‘The Evolution of Medicine’)


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