String grocery bag – 100% cotton


Eliminate single-use plastics from your shopping routine for good, with this eco-savvy cotton bag from KitchenCraft Natural Elements. 100% plastic free, this reusable bag beats those flimsy supermarket produce bags in every conceivable way – not least because you can use it hundreds of times, without contributing to the plastic waste problem.

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The 100% cotton mesh is extremely strong, yet lightweight and flexible, so it’s easy to fold up and store in a pocket or handbag. It’s naturally stretchy and breathable too, so it will expand to hold mountains of fruit and veg, then can be hung up to keep them fresh at home. KitchenCraft Natural Elements’ mesh reusable produce bags are non toxic, and recyclable as a textile. Explore the collection to discover many more eco friendly products, designed for a green home and healthy planet.


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