Bambaw Cotton Straw brush


Bambaw’s small cleaning brush is made from a stainless-steel wire and cotton bristles. Thus, it is completely recyclable, and the cotton is even compostable.

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Easy Cleaning

The handle is sturdy, yet flexible. Therefore, you can bend it back and forth, to clean hard to reach areas effortlessly. The bristles are made from high-density cotton. This allows it to absorb and soak vinegar, soap or even tarnish much better than nylon bristles.

The straw cleaner brush is 20cm long and has a diameter of 6mm. So, it is ideal for all straws and openings of 8 to 10mm.

Make sure to check the opening diameter before purchasing!

Multiple Cleaning Possibilities

Caring well for what you have is crucial for a zero-waste lifestyle. It allows you to reuse your items effectively for much longer. The small cleaning brush is useful for a variety of cleaning tasks, especially when you need to reach any difficult spots.

You can use it for:

  • Drinking straws
  • Kettle spouts
  • Thermomixer
  • Small pipes
  • Coffee grinders
  • All other narrow items
Weight100 g

Short Brush, Long Brush


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