Janni Stout Shampoo Bar


The Irish connection to the Pub and the Stout in undeniable, its safe to say that the atmosphere in the Irish pub is like no other place in the world. A place for meetings, where some of the best ideas and friendships are born, with music, laughter and tears.

This Stout shampoo, beard and body wash suits anyone that wants a shower experience with an edge. No doubt that stout is full of nourishment, its loaded with malt and hops which are said to repair damaged hair. Also the sugars that are present in stout are said to tighten and strengthen the hair cuticles for enhanced shine. Combined with Hemp oil which is rich in Omega oil which stimulates hair growth, for fuller, thicker and longer hair. The added honey retains and attracts moisture, working as a natural conditioner leaving the hair feeling smooth and healthy. The Spearmint works to fight dandruff and itchy scalp, and the Star anise provides instant relief from acne, spots and damaged skin, leaving skin soft, smooth and glowing, not to mention the very cool scent!!

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Ingredients: Brassica napus, Cocos nucifera, Ricinus communis, Cannabis sativa, Theobroma cacao, Illicium verum, Mentha spicata, Honey, Activated charcoal.

Rapeseed oil, Coconut oil, Castor oil, Hemp oil, Cocoa butter, Star anise oil, Spearmint oil, Honey, Activated charcoal.


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