Sonett Laundry Powder (1.2kg)


Suitable for all textiles made from cotton, linen, hemp and fabric blends. The main active ingredient of the Sonett Laundry Powder is pure vegetable soap. Soap is the cleansing substance most proximate for man and nature alike. Unlike all other surfactants, soap is disposed of right after its use as it loses its surface active properties immediately on reacting with the calcium that is always present in waste water, and then degrades completely and with ease.

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Suitable for all coloured and white textiles made from cotton, linen, hemp and fabric blends of between
40 and 95 °C (100–200 °F).
Unsuitable for wool, silk, and microfibres.
Suitable for HE washing machines.

List of ingredients as per EC 648/2004

Sodium soap*, sodium carbonate, bentonite, zeolite, sodium C12–C14 fatty alcohol sulphate (sodium lauryl sulfate), sodium silicate, sodium metasilicate, sodium disilicate

*certified organically grown


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