Sealpod Reusable Dolce Gusto© Compatible Coffee Pod


Sealpod reduces waste, saves you money and tastes delicious.


  • Stops the waste: Sealpod ends the waste associated with Disposable pods that get thrown away after every use and as a result end up in landfill.
  • Easy to use: (read below), very easy to use product, with full instructions included.
  • Enjoy delicious coffee, your choice (it really is endless), you will no longer be bound by the choices on offer in supermarkets, because you can now choose whichever coffee you like.
  • Save money by not buying expensive disposable pods. We all know how expensive disposable pods can be, with this pod you only ever buy one and simply just buy the coffee and refills. Depending on how much coffee you drink the savings really do add up over a year.
  • One year guarantee we’ve never personally had a return with Sealpod but we still offer a 1 year guarantee. If your Sealpod is not working we will replace it free of charge. We don’t think we will need to though as it has a lifetime of 5+ years even under heavy use.
  • Express 3-5 day delivery (stock held in Ireland so no long waits). Gone are the days of waiting for weeks for your order to arrive, we are the Distributor for this product in Ireland and therefore hold stock centrally in Dublin and Nationwide Delivery is 3-5 days.


  • 1 Stainless steel capsule.
  • 1 scoop & tamp.
  • 100 paper filters (optional for more potent crema).

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How to use:

  • Simply fill Sealpod with your favorite coffee (we recommend a fine grind).
  • Cover with filter, included.
  • And that’s it! Now enjoy your coffee.
  • Rinse after use and you’re ready to go again.


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