Memo Recycled Eco Sponge 2 Pack


The perfect helpers when it comes to the burnt-in food: the combination of natural sisal fibers from the agave plant, plastic fibers from recycled post-consumer PET bottles and the interwoven mineral grains declare war on even strong crusts without scratching the kitchen utensils. The sisal fiber is extremely robust and hard-wearing by nature and is therefore ideal for longer cleaning activities.

The absorbent side is also made from 100% vegetable cellulose. W 6.5 x D 9.8 x H 1.8 cm. 1 pack = 2 pieces.


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On the absorbent side, 100% cellulose was used as a renewable raw material. Cellulose is obtained from wood and is very absorbent due to its cell structure. Cellulose is biodegradable which underlines its sustainability.

On the more abrasive side, a renewable raw material was also used: sisal. Sisal is the robust fiber of the agave plant and, in contrast to synthetic fibers, no petroleum is used for the production of sisal. In addition, the sisal fiber used is free of harmful substances, as the agave plant is not or hardly susceptible to pest infestation and harmful fertilizers can be dispensed with. They can therefore be used to clean eating utensils without hesitation.

Another component of the scouring side are the plastic fibers from recycled post-consumer PET bottles. Thanks in part to the deposit system in Germany, the discarded bottles are reintegrated into the economic cycle and used to manufacture and use new products. This prevents the bottles from being burned with other rubbish, which would result in the loss of raw materials and the resulting vapors polluting the environment.


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