Organic Ashwagandha powder 500g


  • From Indian Ashwagandha root
  • Perfect in smoothies, teas and plant-drinks
  • Food supplement with high fibre content
  • From organic farming
  • 500g value pack

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Our Indian Ashwagandha root powder is mainly made from roots collected in the wild. After drying, the roots are powdered, carefully packed and patiently waiting to be ordered by you. Our Ashwagandha powder has a bitter taste. Nevertheless, you can drink it wonderfully by mixing it with water, milk or a plant-based alternative. Our light yellow Ashwagandha powder is also great as a spice, to mix into teas and smoothies an as a magical secret ingredient or into the trendy “Moon Milk”. To make Moon Milk, simply mix some Ashwagandha powder and some organic ground turmeric into your plant drink of choice and let the mixture boil lightly.


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