Morado Organic garlic seed – 250g


Organic Morado Certified Planting Garlic gives good size (35mm+) regular purple bulbs with attractive white markings

250g – 4 -5 bulbs

  • Spanish hardneck garlic which can have between ten and twelve cloves each.
  • Overwintering planting Garlic.
  • Excellent taste and stores well.
  • Morado means purple, referring to the purplish-brown colouring of the cloves.
  • Spanish garlic species with purple-red skin.
  • Contains high amounts of the substance allicin, the ‘natural’ penicillin.
  • Planting time: September to January
  • Requires cold conditions to develop.
  • Highest yields will come from autumn plantings.
  • When the first six leaves have turned yellow, lift and dry in the sun or in an airy shed.
  • Harvesting June – August

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