Little Zmooz organic comforter


The body piece of Zmooz is flexible and yet firm. Babies find comfort, recovery and security with Zmooz after an exciting day full of new stimuli. Newborns especially need a calm environment with few contrasts and that is why Zmooz’s cap has a soft pastel color. Babies can recharge and rest with their best and softest buddy. The subtle Waldorf style simple facial features of Zmooz allow the child to imagine the face base on their mood which enhances emotional bonding in the first life phase.

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The “Zmooz” is a classic style from Keptin-Jr. Zmooz small is a best friend for babies from 0 to 9 months old. Not only is Zmooz durable and made from organic materials, Zmooz has knotted hands and hat which, along with a soft velour feel, makes the doll highly suitable for both cuddling and sucking.


Turquoise (18343), Pink (18341)


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