Kotanical Immune Diffuser Blend


Kotanical Immune diffuser blend contains a delicate blend of highly beneficial essential oils designed to have a healthy impact on your day to day life. The oils contain a number of health benefiting properties

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Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has been well known to possess a wealth of strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral like properties. These are most beneficial in helping to prevent colds and flus throughout your household.


A helpful essential oil with plenty of antioxidant properties as well as many antibacterial and antifungal benefits. A splendid oil to help keep your space fresh and sterile.


Very beneficial in improving the air making it easier to breathe for those with respiratory problems such as asthma or coughs as well as possessing great antimicrobial elements helping to kill off bacteria.


Often used to help stimulate the brain as well as ease stress, rosemary is the perfect addition to your diffuser blend, keeping your space fresh.

 How You Use Our Immune Diffuser Blend

Our Immune diffuser blend is a mixture of highly potent, beneficial essential oils. We recommend you place 3-5 little droplets in your diffuser.


  • Ensure the diffuser is off.
  • Remove both cover and the plastic lid.
  • Approximately add 100ml of water in the tank.
  • Place 3-5 tiny droplets of our Immune Blend.
  • Put the plastic lid and cover back on the diffuser.
  • Turn your diffuser back on.
  • Pick which setting you wish to use on your diffuser.


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