KitchenCraft Blue Butcher’s Stripe Apron


  • One size fits all
  • Generous size – Measures approx. 91 cm (2 feet, 12 inches) long, and 59 cm (1 feet, 11 inches) wide, excluding straps
  • Machine washable
  • Full washing instructions on label

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This heavy-duty kitchen apron is just the ticket. It’s decked out in a classic blue-and-white striped design – just like those traditional aprons that the village butcher used to wear. It’s a timeless, unfussy style that looks equally good on men and women.

This isn’t a cheap facsimile, though. It’s made of 100% heavy-drill cotton, so it’s just as hardwearing as those old-fashioned aprons too. Add to the mix the double-sided front pocket, and the extra-long adjustable straps, and you have an impressively robust kitchen accessory that’s sure to last for many meals to come.

This apron is designed to fit almost any adult. Just slip it on, tie it up, and those splashes of milk and puffs of flour won’t trouble your clothes again.


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