KeepCup glass cup with cork band 8oz – 227ml


  • It is distinguished by its unique design and a variety of colors. Choose your color and enjoy the taste of coffee or tea in your favorite mug! KeepCup mugs are made of glass and durable, non-toxic plastic and hold perfectly in your hand.
  • They are a great vessel when you want to brew coffee and drink it on the go. KeepCup are not thermal mugs, nor are they airtight when thrown in a bag – rather, the brand’s goal was to create a durable, eco-friendly alternative to paper cups.
  • By using KeepCup you are making a smaller impact on the environment every day. An interesting fact is that it takes the amount of material to create one KeepCup that would be used to produce just 20 disposable cups.
  • Around the world, about one million disposable cups end up in landfills every minute. Unlike KeepCup, many of them cannot be recycled. Solve this problem – choose KeepCup! KeepCup with cork band is not dishwasher and microwave safe.

Black, Filter, Purple – moonlight


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