Jerusalem artichoke tubers


Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus) is an extremely easy to grow and prolific vegetable. Massive yield of tubers which taste earthy when eaten in Autumn and sweeten if left in the ground over the Winter months.

9-10 tubers

Seed saved by Oliver Huey, Organic grower in Co. Sligo using regenerative agriculture techniques

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Jerusalem artichokes are very easy to grow but some things are worth considering

  • They are large plants which can be between 1.5-3m high so be careful not to put them where they will shade out your other crops.
  • From April, plant into well-prepared soil at a depth of 10-15cm with tubers spaced 30cm apart. Row spacing 1m.
  • When stems are around 30cm tall, draw soil around them to a depth of 20cm to help stabilise plants as they grow.
  • You can cut back stems (including flowerheads) to around 1.5m  in midsummer so plants won’t be rocked by the wind, thus avoiding the need for staking.
  • When foliage starts to turn yellow in autumn, prune to leave 10cm stumps above ground level. Place the prunings over plants to keep the soil warm and aid lifting of tubers in frosty weather.
  • Can be left in the soil and harvested as needed. If you have heavy wet soil it is best to lift and store them.


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