Jam Sponge


Smaller size for light flow days, young women or pre birth.

Large size sponges are for women with heavy flow, prolapses and for the months after childbirth.

The Jam Sponge has attitude! It’s a natural Sea Sponge – a healthier way to soak up the blood and it will save you £££’s!

Jam Sponges are absorbent, reusable and will last for around a year. The Jam Sponge is sourced from the Mediterranean Ocean. You will receive a kit containing 2 unbleached sponges, a red storage pouch, full instructions, and a fun “Jam Sponge” badge!

Sustainably harvested and reusable for up to 12 months, sponges are economical, easy to use, and earth friendly.

Please note that for hygiene reasons we cannot exchange/refund Jam Sponges. Because sea sponges grow naturally, they vary by shape, size, color, and texture. The sponges you receive may not look as pictured on this page and may look different from your previous orders.

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