Duralex Set of 5 Square/Round Glass Lunch Boxes


Coming in a wide range of sizes, from 9cm all the way up to 23cm in diameter, each of these boxes has been made in France from fully-tempered glass – proven to be more than twice the strength of regular annealed equivalents. Duralex glass is also BPA-free and completely non-porous, eliminating the risk of the glass tainting your food and food staining the glass.

A complimentary bright blue plastic lid seals in freshness, and both it and the glass container itself are 100% safe for use in the Dishwasher, Freezer and even the Microwave. A thermal shock rating of 130℃ allows you to swap immediately between the three with confidence – perfect for defrosting / reheating and flash freezing alike.

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Features and Benefits of Duralex Glass Lunch Boxes:

Tempered Glass Construction – The highest level of strength and durability

Thermal Shock Resistant – Transfer straight from the freezer to the microwave

Both Bowl and Lid are Dishwasher, Freezer & Microwave Safe – Use for cooking, storing and serving dishes

Safety Glass – Bursts into blunt, non-cutting pieces if broken

BPA-Free and Non-Porous – Glass won’t taint / compromise food; food won’t stain glass

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