Glass Infuse Flask


This 320ml double-walled glass infuse flask is perfect for drinking loose leaf tea, herbal tea or fruit infused water at home or on the go.

It is made from a double layer of strong borosilicate glass that keeps drinks warm for up to 1 hour and has a leak-proof stainless steel lid with a silicone ring and polypropylene (PP#5) inside. Includes two independent filters which are used for different types of infusion:

Long filter basket for short infusion – Fill basket with tea leaves, fit into neck of flask and pour hot water over to infuse. Remove before drinking.

Short filter for long-lasting infusion – Fill flask with a few tea leaves, herbs or fruit pieces, place the small filter on top and then add hot or cold water. Please take care when pouring and drinking hot liquids.

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Each glass flask is hand blown so will differ very slightly in size. For a snug fit of the filters in the neck of the flask please adjust the clips on the rim so they fit your flask perfectly.

Produced responsibly in China. Presented in a cardboard gift tube with instruction leaflet and care advice.

Hand wash only.

Approximately 18.5cm x 7cm diameter.

NB: Not suitable for carbonated drinks due to build up of pressure.


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