Ecoegg 210 wash REFILLS


Eco egg laundry egg washing kit is a eco friendly way to wash your clothes.

Eco egg washing kit completely replaces washing powder or liquid and is just as effective but will save you so much money. The Eco egg washing kit lasts for up to 210 washes.


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Simply put the Eco egg ball into your washing machine instead of detergent, the ecoegg produces ionized oxygen that activates the water molecules naturally and allows them to penetrate deep into clothing fibres to lift dirt away.

Rinse cycles can be shortened, the Eco egg won’t damage or fade clothing and are also fully hypoallergenic

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  1. Caroline (verified owner)

    My Ecco egg arrived today and I couldn’t wait to start using it! So first wash with it and I am very impressed by this ingenious gadget that is kind to sensitive skin and our environment. So win win! Love it and would recommend it to everyone I know. I look forward to future purchases from the little green shop 🙂

  2. Caroline (verified owner)

    Ok second time lucky in posting this. My Ecco Egg arrived today so I stuck it in the wash to try out this neat little gadget and I have to say I was very impressed by it’s cleaning power. I love it! It’s great because it’s kind to sensitive skin and to our environment. I’d recommend it highly to people.

  3. Dekadub (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant! My laundry is no longer so terrible stiff when dried in the open. Clothes are very clean.

    It cleans using temperature settings between 15 and 60 degrees.

    I was wondering where the linen scent is when taking the laundry out of the washing machine – as I did not notice a scent . But when dried it has a hint of a nice smell.

    If you have a big washing machine (more than 5kg) you will need two of these eggs.

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