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Zao’s eyeliner pencils help to underline and intensify the look without?irritating the eyes. Apply to the edge of the eyelashes for intense?makeup. Draw a thick line from the outer corner of the eye. For increased longevity, blend it slightly, then powder it with Zao Eyeshadow using the Angled brush 706, either with the same?shade as the pencil, or another shade to create a contrast. To?enlarge eyes, apply the Nude Beige Pencil 564 in the inner corner of the eye and the mucous membrane.


The eyebrows play a very important role in the shape of the face?and add intensity to the eyes. Its colour and shape can be?easily defined and shaped with the Zao Multi-Purpose Pencil. Choose the shade that matches the colour of your eyebrows. Brush eyebrows using the Eyebrow brush and comb 709 or the Duo?eyebrow brush 712, then apply the Eyebrow pencil to the areas?needing to be corrected or intensified. Brush again to slightly?fade and blend the product.


The Zao pencil is perfect for redrawing the contour of the mouth and giving volume to lips. It can be used on its own or in addition to a lipstick, lip polish or lip gloss. It prolongs the hold of lip makeup and prevents it from fading. Trace the outline of the lips starting from the centre. For stronger hold, blend the pencil towards the inside of the lips by blending it with the Lip brush 708.

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Butyrospermum parkii butter extract (shea butter extract):
Moisturizer and emollient
Shea butter is an edible substance extracted from the fruit of the shea tree, a tree growing in the wooded savannahs of West Africa and whose name means “life” in Mandinka. The shea butter extract moisturizes the skin and protects it from drying out. Emollient, it also contributes to the softening of tissues and leaves the skin soft and smooth.


Eyeliner Pencil – BLACK (551), Multipurpose – DARK BROWN (552), Multipurpose – BEIGE NUDE (603), Eyebrow Pencil – BLONDE (613), Nude Beige 564


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