Eco Bath Extra Wide Luxury Bamboo Bath Tray


Give your bath-time even more meaning with this 100% natural bamboo bath tray.  You’ll be desperate to immerse yourself in some delicious bubbles especially when you have everything to hand, from a glass of your favourite tipple to your novel on a kindle or why not catch up on all your TV while making sure your iPad is carefully positioned?

Soak for longer, light a relaxing candle, enjoy some well-earned me-time and admire this tray’s luxurious good looks while feeling good about using another sustainable item from the Eco Bath London’s environmentally friendly collections.

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  • Made from the finest 100% Natural Bamboo
  • Works with virtually any bath
  • Measuring 75cm long x 22cm wide
  • Fully Extended, our Luxury Bamboo Bath Tray measures 95cm long


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