Earth2Earth Compostable Swing Bin Liners – 45L


Ideal for brown bins / industrial compost. Strong sacks for professional kitchens to hold 45L/ 20kg food waste. Slower degradation in home compost. 65x90cm. 10 bags per roll.

  • Superior Strength and Tear Resistance – High strength resins combined with multi-layer extrusion ensures the best performing products.
  • Best for Water and Heat Resistance – No starch or fillers ensures our bags are heat resistant to 75° Centigrade (hot food and liquids are ok) and highly water resistant. This ensure our products are ideal for commercial kitchens.
  • Multilayer – Three-layer co-extrusion increases strength using less material.
  • Clearer Film for Kitchen Security / Contaminated Waste – Our clearer films ensure that contaminated waste and other items that should not be in the food waste stream can be spotted.

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Irish brand.

20KG Drop TestedMulti-payered: less plastic, more strengthCompostableTUV Austria: S0117 HOME OK compostTUV Austria: S0117 INDUSTRIAL OK compost


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