Earth2Earth Carbon capture Pedal Bin Liners – 50 pack


Pedal Bin Liners x 50

Made from sugar cane. 45x45cm

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The latest technology in Bio-Based Swing bin liners, possibly the BEST environmental choice.

  • Removes Carbon from Atmosphere – Carbon footprint is Minus 0.2Kg. per Kg. from cradle to gate. Therefore removing 200 Kg. of C0per tonne of material.
  • Sustainable and Renewable- Manufactured from ethanol produced from Sugar cane.
  • 100% Recyclable NOT biodegradable (therefore not releasing any gas) – Can be recycled with fossil-based plastics.
  • Multilayer – 3 layer co-extrusion reduces thickness and increases strength. Uses less material.
  • Certified by The Carbon Trust and TUV.


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