Bambaw Zero waste shaving kit

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The shaving gift set includes all the basics to start wet shaving like a pro without creating waste. Inspire and surprise your loved ones with this eco-friendly gift box.

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  • Cruelty-free shaving brush

    The Bambaw shaving brush is made from the finest materials to provide the best shaving experience possible. With its soft synthetic bristles, the brush aids in achieving the smoothest shave by removing dust and dead skin cells and allowing the user to apply a generous coating of shaving soap to their skin.

    In addition to being animal friendly, the nylon bristles do not smell, dry quickly, and do not fall out.

  • Blades for razors

    We picked Swedish stainless steel for our safety razor blades because of its purity, which prevents corrosion, and outstanding sharpness. These universal blades may be used on any part of the body and work with any safety razor. Each blade is wrapped in waxed paper for ease of handling. The platinum coating on the blades ensures that they do not corrode and therefore guarantees a long service life.

  • Double-edged safety razor

    The safety razor is a perfect shaver for the body and face, and is appropriate for all types of users, from novices and experts. The metal razor is perfectly balanced because of its long and riffled handle, allowing for the exact amount of pressure on the skin to ensure a close shave. With the black Bambaw metal safety razor, ingrown hairs and razor burn will no longer be part of your everyday life and will be replaced by a smooth and close shave.

    The corrosion-resistant safety razor is composed entirely of brass.


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