Bambaw Shaving Brush

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Let the badgers, boars, and earth in peace with and bring your shaving experience to perfection with the Bambaw shaving brush. The Bambaw shaving brush is crafted with the best materials to provide the finest shaving experience and last long.

Vegan Bristles

The high-count bristles are made from nylon and designed to provide the best lather.

Besides keeping the animals safe and sound, the Bambaw bristles do not smell, dry faster, do not fall out. The softness of nylon bristles is designed to create the best lather without irritating the skin what is not always the case for badger hair, often considered too soft or boar hair, on the other hand, judged to be too hard on the skin and cause irritation.

Long-lasting aluminium handle

Matching the Bambaw metal safety razor design, the shaving brush handle is made of metal. The aluminium handle enables a tight grip. Then, unlike resin-based handles, the aluminium handle is designed to last a lifetime.

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Ideal for beginners

The vegan shaving brush allows for a generous layer of lather which gives the perfect protection and enable the safety razor’s blade to slide gently against your skin. Eliminate all kinds of razor burns with the proper preparation of the skin. Because it prevents ingrown hair and leaves your skin clear and smooth, it makes the Bambaw shaving brush the best ally for beginners. To further help you with that process, a digital user manual is included with the swap.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Bambaw vegan shaving brush
  • 1x In-depth digital user manual


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