Atlantic Aromatics Organic Rosewater


This Atlantic Aromatics Rosewater is pure, certified organic & of exceptional quality produced by award winning distillery Enio Bonchev in the Valley of the Roses, Bulgaria. Rosewater can be used for many things such as a cleanser or toner & is suitable for all skin types. There are many benefits to using rosewater on a daily basis; it soothes irritated skin, its antioxidant effects help strengthen & regenerate skin, helps hydrate, revitalise and moisturise the skin giving it with that refreshed look. Additionally the floral aroma of the rose water boots mood & emotional wellbeing.



Use 3-4 sprays on the face after cleansing, shaving or before moisturising

Use when required on irritated skin Place on cotton eyepads & place over the eyes to refresh. Use as a base for adding essential oils to make a body spray or room spray.


Rosa damascena flower water 100%.

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