Peat Soap Bar by Janni


Peat is a soil that is made up of the partially decomposed remains of dead plants. Over thousands of years, these plants have accumulated on top of each other in waterlogged places. Over the centuries, poor drainage and the build up of dead plants created layer upon layer of peat. The cutting of peat for fuel began in the 17th Century and has played an important role in Irish history ever since.

Peat is anti-ageing taken to a whole new level! Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of a 4,000-year-old man preserved in an Irish peat bog, marking the oldest European body ever found with skin still intact. Peat contains up to 200 organic ingredients that help the skin’s natural beauty including zinc, iron, copper and selenium. The properties in the peat have amazing preserving effects, working as an anti-ageing treatment and leaving skin with a healthy glow. Lemongrass oil is also added to this bar for it’s great cleansing properties and it works as an antiseptic, combined with Eucalyptus which is an anti-inflammatory and helps to treat and prevent acne, and is great for curing minor cuts, bruises and blisters on the skin.

All in all this bar is a great luxury anti-ageing soap, but also a great addition to the bag of the adventurous traveler!

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