Made to last is back!

It all started with my mother and her love of hanging onto things for an eternity. Some may call it hoarding. She only recently threw out a basin that was over 30 years old and we all knew what age this basin was because she reminded us all the time. I’m surprised she didn’t throw a party for its birthday every year! (sorry mammy..we love you really!)
Then when my son was born, toys and clothes started to reappear, that were also over 30 years old. My little green child is now cycling around in a Raleigh tricycle that I got for my first Christmas and we all think it’s so cute. And playing with bath toys that we played with.

So then I thought to myself, will I ever get to pass down anything to my grandkids. Considering things aren’t made to last anymore, toys are nearly all plastic, plastic gets scratched, and we are just living in such a throw away culture. Things don’t get fixed, they get put in the bin. This is not good for the environment but The quality just isn’t there anymore. Or is it?

So that’s when I had my little light bulb moment of researching products and buying things that don’t need to get thrown out every few months. Yes you pay for the quality but probably save in the long run. And I can hopefully bore my kids some day with the “that basin is older than you story’

So the lesson is, mammies are always right! And hopefully purchasing products with the environment in mind and some sentiment will make a difference too..


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