About Us

The Little Green Shop is a private members club that sells sustainable products to its members.

Our vision is to provide products with the main focus being on chemical free living for the health of the family and in turn the environment

We aim to give fair prices and value for money; all our members will get their own code which offers a yearly 10% discount. All members will also be informed of any monthly or seasonal discounts and will get first offers on these

We offer the service of a monthly pantry stock up, where members will be given the option of purchasing organic food products in bulk amounts with the 10% discount; if there is a product you require that is not on our list; we also offer the option to source this for you

To get your own personal discount code which can be used yearly please email club@littlegreenshop.ie

We don’t share or sell information nor do we spam our members. The most emails you will get to your inbox in a year is 12.

Where is your physical shop located?

At the moment we don’t have a physical store. If you are local to Mullingar we can arrange delivery or a suitable place to collect. We are hoping to open a shop in the near future

Can I choose an address that is different from the billing address?

For every online order, customers need to provide the correct billing address as these details are verified during the payment process. However, an alternative delivery address can be used.

A littlegreenshop.ie account allows customers save multiple delivery addresses and also add a new address during the checkout process. Orders can be sent to any delivery address in countries we deliver to.

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