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Earth Day 2019 – 21 day challenge

We were racking our brains this year thinking of what we could do for Earth Day and help make a positive change in the world. And Emily came up with the 21 Day Challenge. We are all at different stages of living a sustainable lifestyle and we hope this challenge will inspire those at the start of the journey and challenge those who are way ahead of everyone else, and maybe get others onboard who are not even contemplating a sustainable lifestyle.

Earth Day 2019 #littlegreenchallenge

Day 1 – Going meatless for a meal or a day. We decided to start with this one as the livestock industry is one of the main contributors to pollution on planet earth. Animal waste, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and chemicals can have a devastating impact on waterways. 18% of greenhouse gases are produced by livestock farming, which is more than all the world’s planes, boats, cars and trains – combined! We were completely shocked by this statistic. So cutting down on meat and dairy is a no brainer. We are looking to our fabulous vegan followers for meal inspiration.

To our vegan followers, we understand this may drive you slightly insane that we are recommending it for a day a week and not a whole life. But we want to encourage people to try going meat free that would never in a million years contemplate it. And for people to see that it can be easy and delicious. This day may turn into two days, three days and so forth. A small change is better than no change. You guys are leading the way and sowing the seeds of change and we honestly think you are amazing. Hopefully together we can inspire and create real lasting change. (Thanks to for the facts!)

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Homemade Cleaning Recipes and Tips

Why use homemade cleaning recipes and not just chuck a bottle of window cleaner into the trolley?

The short answer to the question is that they are highly toxic and are known to contribute to a list of health issues that most people are not yet aware of. The ingredients in these products are known endocrine disrupters, can cause respiratory disorders such as asthma among a list of other awful side effects. Yes they leave your toilet clean but cause serious damage to your insides over time. They also are causing huge environmental damage to streams and rivers polluting our water and wildlife.

There are so many natural products that do not cause these ailments. Simple products that are more than likely in your kitchen cupboard anyway, like vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, washing soda, essential oils. They are kind to you, your family and the environment. A win win for all!

I will start with the most popular:

Glass spray bottle

All Purpose Cleaner

Mix all the following into a spray bottle: We have glass ones here: And clean as you go. SIMPLE!
1 part white vinegar
4 parts water
10-20 drops of essential oil
1 tsp of dish soap (We use Dr Bronners castile soap)

Window Cleaner

1 part white vinegar
3 part water
A couple drop of essential oil

Drain Cleaner

We have two favourites for this.
Option 1:
Sprinkle bicarbonate of soda down the drain – be generous
Pour vinegar and watch it foam. Keep going until the bicarb of soda has gone

Option 2:
Sprinkle washing soda down the drain
Follow with boiling water

Cooker Hoods or anything grease related

Washing soda crystals are your best friend..
Mix a few tablespoons of washing soda with hot water and the grease will literally melt away

Floor Cleaner

2 tablespoons of castile soap
2 gallons of hot water

Wood Floor Cleaner

1 gallon of hot water
3/4 cup of olive oil
1/2 cup of lemon juice

Carpet Deodoriser

Mix bicarb of soda and essential oils in a glass jar and mix well
Sprinkle onto carpet
After a while, hoover it up

Happy Cleaning!
Any tips we would love to hear them!