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Spring Cleaning – The Eco Way

As lives become busier, more hectic and more stressful, it’s easy to choose products that promises a quick fix.  Need a bathroom cleaner? On your next shopping trip you pick up one of the bright and colourful bottles promising to clean fast.  But did you ever think about what’s in that container? These products are… Read more »

Reducing waste at Christmas

At Christmas, Our bins usually get full a lot quicker than other times of the year. People are at home for longer, eating more, having people over and hopefully having a good time. However, waste is an issue for most families. We have some tips below on reducing waste and just being a little more… Read more »


Making zero waste swaps to achieve a zero waste lifestyle mainly focuses on sending nothing  to a landfill.  It also means we recycle less because we find ways to avoid having material to recycle in the first place. The most important part of going zero waste if trying, where possible, to Avoid, Refuse , Switch,… Read more »

Why I love Hydrogen Peroxide!

Hydrogen Peroxide: When I first heard of Hydrogen peroxide I was a little scared. I think the fact peroxide was in the name that I found myself thinking that this surely can’t be safe! Fast forward to today and I now know that it’s H2O2. Water with an extra oxygen molecule. Yes high concentrations of… Read more »

Living a Green Life.

We all have to start somewhere, right? There are so many zero waste bloggers out there that are truly inspiring but sometimes I get a little overwhelmed when I see how little waste they are producing yet my efforts aren’t going so well. Especially while living with other people! It seems impossible. I get sick… Read more »

Green Clean Guide from Dr. Bronners

We are all about chemical free cleaning at the Little Green Shop.  We are always experimenting with homemade chemical free cleaning concoctions. Here are some tips and recipes from Lisa Bronner, (Dr Bronners grand daughter) She recommends either using Pure Castile Liquid Soap for body and home as it’s gentle on sensitive skin. Or Sal… Read more »

Made to last is back!

It all started with my mother and her love of hanging onto things for an eternity. Some may call it hoarding. She only recently threw out a basin that was over 30 years old and we all knew what age this basin was because she reminded us all the time. I’m surprised she didn’t throw… Read more »