Reducing waste at Christmas

At Christmas, Our bins usually get full a lot quicker than other times of the year. People are at home for longer, eating more, having people over and hopefully having a good time. However, waste is an issue for most families. We have some tips below on reducing waste and just being a little more conscious when spending money.


  • BUY LESS – it can be very hard not to splurge at Christmas but think about whether or not you really need the item.
  • Kris Kindle – This is growing in popularity with families, one quality gift a person will use and love instead of lots of small token gifts if often more appreciated
  • Make lists, only buy what you need and avoid impulse buys.
  • Ask people what they want – Some might say this takes the fun out of it but if you are getting a gift that’s needed it will definitely avoid waste.
  • Experiences, not things – Concert Tickets, Days out (Tayto Park, Lough Bora), Meals, Memberships, – Vouchers, Donations – for example animal shelters, Plant a tree certificate
  • Get a gift receipt – Usually if the gift is unwanted/wrong size, its very easy to return and swap for something else with a gift receipt.
Small business’, locally owned.
Organic, Fair Trade where possible.
Plastic Free – it’s not always easy but if take the time to see if there is a plastic free option.
Sustainable – always a winner.



Plastic free gift wrap can look even prettier than it’s glossy alternative.
Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Consider wrapping your gifts with reusable wrapping materials and decorate them with a spring of holly instead of using throwaway tags and ribbons. Brown paper can be composted. Newspaper too!

If you do have to buy standard wrapping paper, try and buy paper that doesn’t have a shiny coating as this is plastic and cannot be recycled.

Reusable gift wrap, also available at Made from recycled plastic bottles, it’s quite pricey but will last for generations!


Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Andrew Doyle urged people to buy real Irish Christmas trees this year. Are real trees also better for the environment? The answer might surprise you. Real trees are actually more eco-friendly than artificial trees. 

 Ideally buy a potted Christmas tree which is still alive. You can keep it inside for about a week afterward you’ll need to  server keep it outdoors. Or buy a real tree and it can be composted after.

Buy locally grown trees rather than imported from China, as these often can’t be recycled.  For each tree cut down in Ireland, another is planted.


 Plan your food needs in advance to reduce the impact on the planet and shop for local, organic produce whenever possible. 

Loose fruit and veg are the best way to reduce plastic waste. vps  To avoid food wastage, plan your meals carefully and use up any leftovers the next day. 

Homemade christmas decorations


Bring nature inside! Swap glitter and tinsel for natural foliage (holly, berrries).  It’s fun to make your own Christmas garlands or decorations using recycled materials, play paper or coloured cardboard. Plastic free crackers are becoming more readily available but why not make your own? Here’s an easy tutorial

 Gifts that are good for the environment

Bird boxes, lady bird houses, bug hotels all can make lovely gifts.

Eco Gift Sets

These sets take the hassle out of picking gifts for your loved ones.  We have a variety in stock, one for everyone. All in plastic free packaging.  

Mini Travel Kit

Vegan Gift Set

Vegan Hot Chocolate Gift Set

Hair Gift Set

Soap Set

Shaving Set

It’s admittedly a very difficult time of the year to reduce waste but a little thought goes a long way!

We hope you have a Merry Christmas and thanks to all our lovely customers for your custom throughout the year. We appreciate every sale!

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