Living a Green Life.

We all have to start somewhere, right?

There are so many zero waste bloggers out there that are truly inspiring but sometimes I get a little overwhelmed when I see how little waste they are producing yet my efforts aren’t going so well. Especially while living with other people! It seems impossible. I get sick of myself saying ‘who put this in the waste bin?’ And the answer is always my husband!! 🙈
So I set myself a few simple steps to give myself a little boost and pat on the back that I need as some self encouragement.

My insulated coffee mug comes everywhere with me now..

I consume a lot of coffee. My first step was investing in a reusable coffee cup that I really loved. I have been down this road before of travel mugs, ceramic mugs and they didn’t work for me because I didn’t like them and so it was easy to forget them. If you invest in a reusable mug that you love, you will be less likely to forget it.

Stop buying reusable plastic bags.

I went through another phase of buying reusable plastic bags every time I went to the supermarket and soon one of my kitchen presses had more than the supermarket itself! Find a decent reusable bag that’s easy to carry and when shopping is unloaded leave it at the front door to go back in the car. My preference for a big shop are jute bags as they hold their shape and are easy to pack. For smaller trips to town I have a crochet bag that I love. Find what you like and again it will be easier to remember!

Stop buying water bottles. Again, find a bottle you love and carry it everywhere. Stainless steel or glass is best as it doesn’t leach harmful chemicals into your water.

Toilet brush that is completely bio degradable


I had a bamboo toothbrush sitting in my bathroom for probably about a year. I just couldn’t bring myself to using it until I calculated how many toothbrushes that I alone am sending to landfill. Then I tried it and I haven’t looked back. The first time it felt so strange but now I wouldn’t use anything else. When I’m done with it I crack the head off as it has nylon and I send the remainder for compost. Satisfaction 👌

Stop buying plastic.

This one may have been the hardest as I found it hard to source some plastic replacements and the main reason I started the Little Green Shop! As soon as something reached the end of its life I replaced with a non plastic alternative. For example my dish brush now is made from wood and has replaceable heads.

Start with one step at a time and don’t beat yourself up for slipping back. Soon these changes that seem like so much effort will become second nature and no effort at all!

Jane 🙂

Some plastic free alternatives:

Toilet Brush

Dish Brush

Water Bottles & Mugs

Reusable Bags

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