We are a small family run business based in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.

It is run with a mission to promote a plastic free, organic lifestyle that is kind to the planet.

Over the past while we have slowly been replacing plastic products with more sustainable ones that are made ethically and will decompose naturally when they have reached the end of their life cycle. However not many of these products are easily available in Ireland. This is when the Little Green Shop was born!

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by buying and using plastic free, high quality products that can stand the test of time and hopefully rid the world of our throw away culture.

We are passionate about recycling and using products that can easily be recycled with the hope of sending nothing to landfill.

We strive to reuse all packaging where we can and use packaging that can be recycled.

We want our children and grandchildren to live in a world with clean air, water and land. We really do care about the planet and believe every purchase we make can make a difference.

We are an organic business and as much as possible buy organic, chemical free goods. We are always learning at the Little Green Shop and would love all your tips on becoming plastic free, zero waste earth lovers! If you have anything you would like to share over social media, send us an email or check out our Facebook or Instagram pages.