Colouring Pencils – 12 pack


natural colored pencil, 2mm-lead, european basswood – 12 colors

Lead as product 70209 (70209 was tested by ÖKO-TEST and get “good” from ÖKO-TEST in 10/2011)

Colouring Pencils made from limewood (European), untreated, unlacquered.

Diameter approx. 5 mm , length 17,5 cm, lead 2 mm, 12 colours.

Colouring pencils are particularly suitable for introducing children to art as they can be used for drawing as well as painting. Drawing numerous lines close to each other (hatching) is a way of colouring in larger areas as well. The intensity of the colour passed on to the paper can be varied by varrying the amount of pressure applied.

It is reasonable to assume that colouring pencils will come into contact with the mouth. It is therefore all the more important that they are free of harmful substances. Lacquers can contain heavy metals, solvents and softening agents. Not only children chew on pencils and may swallow chips of the lacquer as they do so. That is why we leave the wooden barrel around our colouring pencils unlacquered. Untreated wood has antiseptic properties.

Packaged in cardboard

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