Bamboo toothbrush


Back to nature. With its ageless and classy design, our toothbrush is reduced to the essential.

A toothbrush which protects our environment due to the fact that it is manufactured from fast-growing bamboo. Bristles made of Nylon. This vegan, BPA-free toothbrush will reduce your Plasticarian Usage to a minimum.

But that’s not even all: with its medium-soft bristles, the brush removes plaque efficiently without stressing the gum. With our toothbrush, you cleanse your teeth without littering our environment.


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Natural, Green, Red, Blue


  1. The best bamboo toothbrush around. It comes in cardboard and paper. No plastic or bioplastic! Its head is a nice size, comfortable to brush

  2. (verified owner)

    I’m very pleased with this toothbrush. It’s comfortable and effective, and very aesthetically pleasing. The different coloured options are great too in order to tell them apart. Will continue to use these.

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